Message from State Commander

Tuesday, 03 March 2009 13:27 Foreword

It is with the sense of delight and gratitude for me to write a few words for this issue of “ Responder”.

Having gone through the draft copy of this intending issue of the Newletter, I am delighted by the quality of this publication. I really have to thank the editorial chief, Koon Yong and his hard working committee for their untiring efforts and initiative.

A newsletter of our organization not only should keep us informed of the activities, development and happenings in St John but also serve as a good vehicle to update the core knowledge in first aid and emergency response. It is also an important means of fostering better understanding and fellowship amongst our members.

The rapid advances in medical field make updating of the latest development and knowledge mandatory, It is with this in mind that the SJAM, Penang intends to reserve a pool of resource experts, consultants, trainers, to help to keep us up to date. We welcome volunteers to join in the fold to help to contribute their knowledge for the benefit of not only St John Ambulance but to the society at large.

The SJAM, Penang has been growing and expending with leaps and bounds. There are many areas of activities offering opportunities to members to be active. This ranging from just being a first-aider to trainers; first ambulance responders to marketing and publicity for our organization; being uniformed or non-uniformed member. Every can contribute according to his or her ability and means.

St Johns Ambulance of Malaysia, the State of Penang, welcomes any one who is interested in our ideals and willing to share his or her contribution to make our society a better society.

For the Service of Mankind

Dato’ Dr. Yee Thiam Sun,
State Commander
SJAM, Penang




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