A1 & AC3 - Best Uniform Unit in Chung Ling High School

Thursday, 30 April 2009 18:03 Divisions

Chung Ling High School, St. John Ambulance Divisions Ambulance 1 (A1) & Ambulance Cadet 3 (AC3) was awarded the 2008 Best Uniform Unit for Chung Ling High School in the recent Hari Kecemerlangan GerKo (Co-curriculum Activity Excellency Day) on 10th of April 2009. The prize was presented by the Headmaster, Mr. Chuah Yau Chou to the division, represented by Chief Teacher Advisor, Mr. Ong Chin Hwa, Divisions' Leader Sgt. Tan Ying Chong and Divisions' Hon. Secretary, Cpl. Lim Yew Yi.

Responder Penang met up Mr. Ong and Sgt. Tan "online", to know more about this achievement.

CorResponder: Congratulations to your divisions being awarded as the 2008 Best Uniform Unit for Chung Ling High School in the recent Hari Kecemerlangan GerKo.
Any words to your team of teacher advisors, committee members as well as members of the divisions?

Mr.Ong: I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my fellow teachers, leaders and members for our divisions being awarded the best uniform unit in the school in the year 2008

Ying Chong:  Firstly I would like to thanks our teacher advisor, Mr Ong. He has been our divisions teacher advisor since decades ago but he still always care about our divisions all the time. Beside that, I would also like to thanks all the committee members who willing to spend their time for our divisions. All of them play their roles very well. Without them, we could not manage to organize all the activities successfully. I'm just being the one who throw the snow ball but all of them are the one rolled the ball and worked hard for that. Moreover, members are the most important in any society, they are our future generation who will take up the responsibilities, to make our division continue to grow and success. Lastly, we are really appreciated their attendance in all the activities.

CorResponder: As as far as we noticed, Divisions A1 & AC3 is not the first time being awarded this title under your charge. Do the Divisions A1 & AC3 having any “secrets”, which allow the divisions to grab these title again?

Mr.Ong: There is no secret as to how we could emerge as the winner of this reward. Hardworking and perseverance are the keys to success. With the full co-operation and high morals from each and everyone of us, we are determined to encounter every challenge now and in the future.

CorResponder: In your opinion, what is the strength and specials of this society compare to the rest in Chung Ling High School?

Our divisions is one of the most active societies in the school. We are lucky as we are affiliated to the (SJAM) Penang Headquarters which has provided us ample opportunities to serve the public. Besides, Penang Headquarters in one way or another has helped us a lot in organizing State Competition, Flag Day, Training Camp, Carnival and etc., as these activities have given us merits over the other uniform units. Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks to all the officers from Penang Headquarters for their kind advice and assistance throughout the year.

Ying Chong:  From my information, GerKo did judged all the society from their performance in competition. I'm proud that we involved in many inter-school competition such as State Competition. Furthermore, we are the only society that consider as first aid unit in our school. So, we have a lot of chances to serve our school, example, during sports day. I'm proud that the two units which represent our school in sports day, the Flag Bearers and Parade Squad are under our charge.  

Thank you so much Mr. Ong and Sgt. Tan for participate in this short interview. Congratulations once again and all the best to the divisions.


CorResponder: Tan Teik Kean

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