21st Intersquad First Aid and Footdrill Competition

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21st Intersquad First Aid and Footdrill Competition was held on 11 January 2009 at Heng Ee High School. There were total of 64 participants which includes St John Ambulance’s members and also Malaysian Red Crescent’s members from Chung Ling Butterworth and Penang Free School.

The competition started on 7am with written test at school hall. The event followed by opening ceremony on 9.30am. Among the SJAM oficers present were SJAM North East Area, Area Commander Mr. Lee Choew Guan , State Hon. Secretary Dr. Tan Kean Chye, Assistant State Hon. Secretary cum SSO (Cadet) Mr. Ng Kar Hong, Assistant Hon. Secretary Mr. Yeoh Koon Yong, ASO (Cadet) Mr. Leong Khai Sheong, and Mr. Gan Hoo Kok.

In the speech by the Area Commander, Mr. Lee Choew Guan congratulated CA3, AC18, NC28 Divisions for successfully organized the competition. He also thanked the school principle and teacher advisors for the cooperation and help the school members to setting up a platform for SJAM members to share their experiences and skills.

Speech by Area Commander

“There will be a winner and loser in a competition. For winner, congratulations and keep it up; for loser, never give up, put more effort and try again next time.” said Mr. Lee.

The team test and footdrill competition started after the opening ceremony. Footdrill competition was held at basketball court while the team test was in classroom.

The competition end around 3pm and all the participants and helpers were gathered in school hall for closing ceremony.  During the closing ceremony, the organizing chairman thanked all the participants and helpers in making event a success.

After 5 hours of competition, the host team, Team D from Heng Ee High School won the Overall Champion and grabbed away the challenge trophy.

Full Winners list:     
Best Theory (Boys): Jonathan Liew - Team F (SMK Penang Free)    
                   (Girls): Goo Mei San - Team C (SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth)
Best Commander (Boys): Chew Teik Sian - Team D (SMJK Heng Ee)
                         (Girls): Cecilia Tan Wen Xi - Team O (SMJK Perempuan China)
Best Leader (Boys): Lim Jin Hong - Team E (SMJK Chung Ling)
                  (Girls): Cecilia Tan Wen Xi - Team O (SMJK Perempuan China)

Boys: Champion        : Team D (SMJK Heng Ee)
         1st Runner-up : Team E (SMJK Chung Ling)
         2nd Runner-up: Team A (SMJK Heng Ee)
 Girls: Champion        : Team H (SMJK Union)
         1st Runner-up : Team O (SMJK Perempuan China)
         2nd Runner-up: Team B (SMJK Perempuan China)

First Aid:
Boys: Champion         : Team A (SMJK Heng Ee)
          1st Runner-up : Team D (SMJK Heng Ee)
          2nd Runner-up: Team E (SMJK Chung Ling)
Girls:  Champion         : Team B (SMJK Perempuan China)
         1st Runner-up  : Team P (SMJK Heng Ee)
         2nd Runner-up : Team O (SMJK Perempuan China)

Best Boy Team : Team D (SMJK Heng Ee)
Best Girl Team  : Team O (SMJK Perempuan China)
Overall Champion: Team D (SMJK Heng Ee)
                                     - Chew Teik Sian
                                     - Tan Shyan Shyang
                                     - Ong Ghee Loon
                                     - Chew Ming Han
                                     - Chuah Ghee Yang

Inspection by Area Commander


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