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Online First Aid Awareness Survey

A mini online survey on first aid awareness was conducted at SJAM Penang Website during the month of March and April 2009 recently. Total of 76 website visitors responded to the survey.

Some key findings are as below:

First Aid Training
Only 45% of the respondent had their last first aid training within a year while 18.5% of the respondents had it more than 3 years ago. 13.2% claimed to be never attended any first aid training.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
We have 82% of the respondents claimed to be attended CPR training before and 77.6% willing to perform CPR on general public or strangers, but only 50% of the respondents confident and know how to perform CPR. 27.6% only answered “I know how to perform CPR” while 22.4% claimed themselves “Not sure or don’t know how to perform CPR”. Only 6.6% of the total respondents always carry around the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as CPR face shield or CPR mask while 14.5% have the PPE but do not always carry with them. 61.8% don’t even own a PPE and 17.1% don’t know what PPE is about.

First Aid Skills
6 in 7 people know the correct technique of handling nose bleeding while 3 out of  4 people know how to deal with people who has fainted. 73.7% of the respondents know how to deal with a toddler who is choking while 72.4% claimed to know the correct technique to save an adult in choking. 27.3% were unsure and don’t know what to do when an adult get choked in front of them.

999 Emergency Call
Not all the respondent know that the number 999 is the sole nationwide emergency number to dial for emergency ambulance. Only 80.3% answered 999 while nearly 20% answered other numbers or don’t know which number to dial.
Most of the respondent (97.4%) know that 999 can be dialed using fixed line phone and public phone. But only 73.7% know that 999 can be dialed using mobile phone too.


CorResponder: Tan Teik Kean

Last Updated on Friday, 07 August 2009 05:54  


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