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Mechanics of Breathing

For cells to survive, humans need a continuous supply of oxygen for cellular respiration and they must get rid of excess carbon dioxide. This gas exchange is divided into the following 5 components.

1.    Breathing
2.    External Respiration
3.    Gas Transport
4.    Internal Respiration
5.    Cellular Respiration

In this article, we will only concern ourselves with the mechanics of breathing.


Bag Valve Mask (BVM)

A bag valve mask (BVM) is a hand-held device used to provide positive pressure ventilation to a patient who is not breathing or who is breathing inadequately. It is a common device found in ambulance. Use of BVM to ventilate a patient is usually called “bagging”. Bagging is regularly necessary in medical emergencies when the patient's breathing is insufficient or has ceased completely (respiratory arrest). The BVM resuscitator is used in order to manually provide mechanical ventilation in preference to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (either direct or through an airway adjunct such as a pocket mask).


A1 & AC3 - Best Uniform Unit in Chung Ling High School

Chung Ling High School, St. John Ambulance Divisions Ambulance 1 (A1) & Ambulance Cadet 3 (AC3) was awarded the 2008 Best Uniform Unit for Chung Ling High School in the recent Hari Kecemerlangan GerKo (Co-curriculum Activity Excellency Day) on 10th of April 2009. The prize was presented by the Headmaster, Mr. Chuah Yau Chou to the division, represented by Chief Teacher Advisor, Mr. Ong Chin Hwa, Divisions' Leader Sgt. Tan Ying Chong and Divisions' Hon. Secretary, Cpl. Lim Yew Yi.

Responder Penang met up Mr. Ong and Sgt. Tan "online", to know more about this achievement.


Kwong Wah's Interschool First Aid Quiz, CLHS regain Champion

The 24th Kwong Wah's Inter-school First Aid Quiz successfully held on 25 April 2009 at Chung Ling High School Hall. 15 teams which includes the divisions from St. John Ambulance and Malaysian Red Crescent took part in the competition this year. The participating teams will have to go through the qualifying round (written test) on 28 March 2009 before entering the final(quiz).


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