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Responder Online - SJAM Penang

A Stranger, A Benefactress

We salute you, not only you are SJAM, National Staff Officer (Admin), but, your kind and sincere in service for mankind! Your bravery in donating your liver to save someone's live impressed many in the society, and was reported in local newspaper recently. Today, a life of a 13 years old girl has been saved because of you. You make us proud, as a volunteer of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM), you demonstrated the greatest in service for mankind.

Responder Penang
managed to catch up with Ms. Chew Hoong Ling, to discover the story behind "A Stranger, A Benefactress"


An "objective" look at the emergency ambulance services (Part II)

by Dr. Teo Aik Howe

{Part II}

So, what have we determined so far?

That emergency ambulances are a special kind of animal, dedicated to saving lives, reducing further injury, improving outcomes and providing help when it is most needed. It is the SLK of the Mercs, XKs of the Jags, 7-series of the Beemers ... [you get the picture].

But it is not about hype, it is about performance. It is about getting all that life-saving capability to the patient in good time. Or else, it will just be a wannabe; a hyped-up balloon of hot air, waiting to be deflated and dishonoured.

Can we get that live-saving capability on our ambulances ? YESSSS, can be done, have done it. All it requires is WILL and the self-belief that it is the right thing to do.

On the other hand, can we arrive in 10 minutes ?? So that we can make a difference ? Hmmmmm this is much more difficult to attain, and much more complex to manage.


Online First Aid Awareness Survey

A mini online survey on first aid awareness was conducted at SJAM Penang Website during the month of March and April 2009 recently. Total of 76 website visitors responded to the survey.

Some key findings are as below:


The Responder - Penang


Welcome to Responder - Penang, the official e-bulletin of SJAM Penang.

Responder - Penang is bulletin produced on a quarterly basis and features news articles and events within the SJAM Penang. The latest and archives editions are available as below. The online version is available by browse through this website.


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